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Smile — At least it’s not Monday. Don’t forget to check out this past week’s featured reader photos in Photo Share #43. Daily Photo – Julia This was a fun photo that I grabbed while hanging out on a frozen lake with friends over the weekend. Julia is my girlfriend’s twin sister and I grabbedContinue Reading

Luci and her Flower Wand

Luci and her Flower Wand

I hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July – I’d love to see some of your holiday photographs in Phogropathy’s Photo Share or on my Facebook Page – Share them and I’ll pick some of my favorites to share on Sunday’s photo share! Daily Photo – Luci and Her Flower Wand Last week IContinue Reading

Hula Hooping at Stony Brook

Good morning everyone hope you’ve all had an excellent weekend! Yesterday I was able to take my new camera out for it’s first real test to Trap Falls in Ashby MA. It was great fun and I can’t wait to share those photos with you all later this week. However, first I’ve got a few moreContinue Reading

The Fisherman

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today’s shot is actually one from my photo archives from a walk I did a while back. The more I learn about photoshop and the art of processing photographs, the more I like to revisit my archives and see if there’s something I can salvage. Sometimes I get lucky and canContinue Reading

Mountain Biker

Today I went to Rocky Narrows for a little bit of a nature walk and once at the top of King Phillip’s Outlook we saw in the distance a mountain biker riding along the rails. Though I didn’t catch him on the rail bridge over the river I got him once he made his wayContinue Reading