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It’s Not Pretty, But It’s Still Cool

It’s Not Pretty, But It’s Still Cool

To all my New England fans – Did you feel it? Last night there was a small earthquake in southern Maine, which was felt throughout the New England area. Even though many people in my area did feel the earth move, I didn’t notice a thing out of the ordinary. What about you? Daily PhotoContinue Reading

16 Amazing New England Waterfall Photos You Must See

16 Amazing New England Waterfall Photos You Must See

Waterfall Wednesday is coming to an end (sadly I’m out of photos), but to make sure I end the series with a bang I spent yesterday afternoon contacting as many amazing photographers as I could to showcase some of the beauty that I hope to capture in the future years of waterfall hunting. As youContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Race Brook Falls

Happy Hump day everyone! Last night I downloaded and started playing around with the beta of Topaz Adjust 5, which is an amazing piece of software that plugs right into Photoshop. I’ve been using the predecessor for most of my photographs here on, but this new upgrade really does bring a whole lot moreContinue Reading

Trap Falls Again

Due to some technical difficulties this will be a short post! Waterfall Wednesday – Trap Falls Again Went back to Trap Falls this past weekend to try and find some fall color, unfortunately it just wasn’t as colorful as I’d hoped. Something about this season has made the colors less vibrant than normal and definitelyContinue Reading

Waterfall Wednesday – A Small Cascade

Finally found some time and motivation to get out and photograph last night’s sunset! It felt so good to pull the camera out and get back behind the viewfinder again – now I’ve just got to find the time and motivation to process those photos for you…. hmm. This week’s Waterfall – A Small CascadeContinue Reading

Waterfall Wednesday – March Cataract Falls

Hey there everyone happy hump day! What do you think of the new iPhone 4S that was announced yesterday? I know it’s not the redesign that we were all hoping for, but I kind of want one simply for that amazing looking camera – not to mention that my 3GS is getting kind of oldContinue Reading

Waterfall Wednesday – Wahconah Falls

Happy hump day everyone – time for another waterfall from my recent adventures to the Berkshires of western MA. If you’ve ever wondered how and where I keep finding all these waterfalls I’m happy to tell you that you’ll have some answers soon. I’m working on a post detailing my entire Berkshires travel plans fromContinue Reading

Trap Falls After Irene

First thing’s first – Thank you to everyone who signed up for my newsletter yesterday. I’m hard at work writing the first issue and can’t wait to share it with everyone, if you haven’t signed up yet please do so now so you can be sure not to miss it! And yes, this is theContinue Reading