The Amazing Photo-Editing App Called – “Snapseed”

iPhone 4S - Edited with Snapseed

As you may have noticed I’ve mentioned a little app called Snapseed quite a few times in connection with just about every iPhone photo posted here on the blog. I thought I’d take a moment and give a quick little run down as to what it is and why I use it.

First thing’s first – What is Snapseed?

Snapseed is an app that’s been designed exclusively for iOS devices and let me tell you it is a powerful little app. Sure you can use it to edit any photo on your device, even RAW files from what I understand, but coupled with the iPhone 4 or 4S the photographs that you can take, edit and share in no time at all can really be pretty stunning. Not only that, but Snapseed’s ability to make editing a fun and exciting process is hard to explain.

iPhone 4S - Edited with Snapseed

Within the app you have the option to either take a photograph with your camera or import one from your camera roll. Once you’re set to edit the image you have at your finger tips a multitude of options all of which can be stack on top of one another. By this I mean that you can add vintage and grunge effects, bring out the details to just the right amount, up the saturation, add a center focus point or maybe a tilt-shift effect top it off with a boarder and then send it out to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter or email it to a friend. The possibilities are truly endless with this app and it’s all with the touch of your hand.

The app works using many of the common multitouch functions found on the iPhone. You can slide up and down to select various settings to change and left and right swipes will determine the intensity of the selected setting. Some of the effects, like vintage have a bunch of different preset textures which you’ll have the option to customize once you pick on. There are also a couple functions that use an ‘area-of-effect’ type of adjustment, like center focus. Adjusting the amount of edge blur can be accomplished by using the ‘pinch-to-zoom’ function.

Why do I Use It?

I’ll be honest here. I downloaded Snapseed at some point over the summer. It was on sale for Free in the Appstore, looked cool and I knew at some point in time I’d have a better camera than that of my 3GS. For free I couldn’t pass it up even though I didn’t even use it until I bough the 4S a few weeks ago.

Not only does it make the photos extremely fun to process, but the ability to hook right into Flickr and Facebook are great to have as well.

Final Thoughts

There’s no question that Snapseed is a powerful photo editing app for the iPhone or iPad. It’s ease of use makes the changes you make not only feel natural, but they’re extremely fun to make as well. The amount of customization that you have at your finger tips is truly amazing and only once you’ve seen it in practice can you truly appreciate it for what it does.

iPhone 4S - Edited with Snapseed

Even though I picked Snapseed up for free over the summer I think it’s definitely worth the $4.99 price tag that it currently holds on the Appstore. There’s a lot of competition out there for iPhone photo editing apps and it’s never easy to pick the right ones. I’ll be the first to say that I haven’t tried them all, but of the one’s I’ve tried Snapseed gets my vote.

For the record – This review is done on my own accord without any influence from the Snapseed developers. In fact I had contacted them asking for a promotional copy of the app to give to one of my readers – unfortunately they did not respond. Regardless I wanted to share my thoughts on the app with all of you and hear what your thoughts on the images you’ve seen thus far. 

So what are your thoughts on what you’ve seen here on Phogropathy thus far? Or maybe you already own Snapseed? Feel free to share some of your Snapseed photos on my Facebook Wall! I’d love to see what you’ve come up with.

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