The Hummingbird Returns

Are you new to photography? Do you still have a question or two about what exactly the RAW format is and how to use it? Well I created my own version of a what is RAW photography post yesterday if you’re looking for some answers or want a refresher please check it out.

Daily Photo – The Hummingbird Returns

Hummingbird photograph high ISO

I took so many shots of this hummingbird that I’ll probably continue to share them with you from time to time, but I do plan on trying different processing techniques with each one.

For this photograph I decided to convert it to black and white, the main reason behind this logic was due to the fact that the bee balm is near the end of its season and there just isn’t all that much color to work with. You can see what I mean in the full color shot I posted earlier this week.

Again just like the other hummingbird photographs this one was shot at a high ISO setting which allowed for a faster shutter speed, however, compared to the previous photographs this one was shot at a relatively lower ISO of 1250 which resulted in a slower shutter speed of 1/250th of a second. Notice how the wings of the hummingbird are almost completely blurred away at this slower shutter speed.

I hope you’ve liked this set so far – Look for more in the coming weeks!

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