The Shack Under the Stars

A Bit of News

I’d like to take a moment and introduce the newest addition to Phogropathy’s website – A dedicated forum area. Maybe you can start out by introducing yourself and where you share your own photographs in the introductions area!

I’ve wanted to give the readers of this site a place to share ideas, converse, and learn from one another for a long time and finally found a solution that I think works well. I am currently still testing and tweaking the forum so I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d take a second to check it out for me and let me know what you think.

Some of the features

  • Blog posts are linked to the forum – Each post I publish (from now on) will automatically go to the “From the Blog” forum. Comments left here will be pushed to that thread and comments left on that thread will be pushed back to the blog. Try it out!
  • Registration with popular networks – I understand not everyone wants to create another account and therefore I’ve allowed people to login to the forum using networks like Facebook and Twitter. I’m still testing these so if there are any issues let me know!
  • Embed Photos – Feel free to share your shots or even ask for a critique by embedding a photograph right into the post.

Bonus – Special Forum Rank

  • For those of you who like to stand out in the crowd if you register and reach 10 non-spam replies by the end of September you’ll qualify to earn a special forum rank which will show all future users that you have been with Phogropathy since the launch of the forum! Cool huh?
  • Oh there’s more stuff in the works too – Hint get your post count up and stay active for your best chances at free stuff!

The Shack Under the Stars

The Shack Under the Stars

This was taken just outside of Statesboro GA last week. Behind the cloud cover you can see some of the densest part of the Milky Way! I wish that while I was down in GA I’d gotten a completely clear night, but the weather just never seemed to cooperate with me.

Unfortunately due to the exposure of the foreground in this photograph I had to really do a lot of work to it in post processing which introduced a great deal of noise. If anyone has any solutions to how to minimize the noise that was created in this process leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Renee says

    I share my photos on Facebook so that my long distance family members can see them. I also hava a Flickr page, but have not been very active with it.

    My hubby bought me a DSLR a year ago and I am learning how to use a “real” camera.

    Some of my photos are turning out really nicely and I’m going to print and frame some for myself and to give as gifts.

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