The Take Off

Many people had questions about yesterday’s mountain bike photograph and the common question was simply – how’d you do that?!

Well first I’d like to say that yes, I am alone in the forest when I’m taking these shots and yes to capture them does require a bit of luck.

I’m using the interval timer on my camera to take 30-40 photographs of which maybe 1 or 2 will have me riding through the frame.

By using the interval timer I’m able to capture shots from the time I start the camera all the way through when I’ve finished the run, however, to get myself in the right spot in the frame does require that bit of luck I talked about above as there’s no way for me to control when exactly those shots are fired.

If you’re really curious about the set up and the process I’ve gone through to capturing this series of shots stay tuned… I’ll be showing you some behind the scenes videos that I’ve recorded with my iPhone later this week or early next week!

But for now, enjoy the photos!

Daily Photo – The Take Off

The Take Off, Mountain Biking, Upton State Forest

This photograph was taken a bit later in the ride. If you look closely there is a rock that ramps up perfectly to give a nice little air if you hit it properly and with enough speed. I took a few shots at this location and I was able to capture both the run up to “take off” as well as the landing (which we will see tomorrow).

I hope you’re enjoying series, I know I’m having a great deal of fun photographing them! Minus the mosquitos of course.

As always, thank you for visiting Phogropathy, I hope you’ll consider sharing this post or any of the other ones on this site with your friends!

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  1. says

    I wonder if you could also hide a remote trigger. I know of another way you could do this also. If you are using a Canon you can load up Magic Lantern and set the trigger method to focus capture. That way when you get into focus it’s triggered auto. :)

    Like both shots man, nice work.

    • says

      Yeah, I’m sure there is an easier way to do this than using the interval timer, I’m just unfortunately limited to the gear I have at the moment. I did try to use my wireless remote shutter release, but I was unable to fire the shutter while passing through the frame on my bike.

      The Canon thing is out the window seeing as I shoot with a Nikon, but I’ll look into seeing if there’s anything comparable.

      Thanks for the comment! :)

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