The Waves Crash Again

Happy Friday everyone! As I write this post to you from Sunday it seems like Friday is so far away, kind of strange to think about really.

Today’s Question:

Do you share your photography on the web?

Leave a link below to your blog, flickr account, Facebook page, or whatever medium you use to share your own work. If you leave a bit of a description of your style of photography and how long you’ve been shooting that’d be awesome too!

I’d love to check out some of the sites and of course I’m sure the readers of Phogropathy would love to see your work as well.

Daily Photo – The Waves Crash Again

the waves crash on the shore
I just love watching the waves crash on the beach it’s one of my favorite things to do, just sit and listen to that repetitive sound. I spent so much time photographing these waves that I almost lost track of time!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week of photographs from my visit to the beach and I’ll hopefully have a ton of photographs to share with you next week from my vacation.

As always if you’ve liked what you’ve seen here please consider sharing this post with your friends!

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  1. says

    I mostly share my photography on my blog ( and in Google albums and Facebook. I started shooting back in 2010 when I was in Korea and bought my first camera. I tried a 365 project at the time, but failed around 6 months in. Same this year. Started in Jan and failed around June. My favourites are the portraits. I love shooting people without them noticing and in my studio in South Africa (and WOW that does sound wrong considering the shooting this week).

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