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The Waves Crash

As you read today’s post and the next four to follow here on Phogropathy know that they have all been pre-scheduled. I am lucky enough to have the entire week off and have gone away to a lake house somewhere in New England and yes my D7000 has come along for the ride. However, this means that I will be unable to respond to comments or be as active on social media sites for the next several days.

Of course I’d love to come home to tons of new notifications on Twitter and Facebook as well as lots of new comments here on the site so don’t stop being the awesome fans that you are while I’m away!

Daily Photo – The Waves Crash

waves crash over post
I was able to capture a few different perspectives of these posts which at one point were part of a fence in front of the beach houses here on Scituate.

Over the years of storms however, all that remains are a few nubs of wood which are almost entirely covered at high tide.

I hope you like today’s photo, if you do, please consider sharing Phogropathy with your friends.

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2 Responses to “The Waves Crash”

  1. Beautiful photo. I love the movement in the waves.

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