The Yellow Butterfly (One more Time)

Another day another photo… Just a little milestone alert I’m closing in on a successful six months here at Phogropathy and I’m very excited to continue with this blog for another six months and beyond!

Daily Photo – The Yellow Butterfly (One more Time)

So back in April I posted a photograph of this very same butterfly. To date it’s the most viewed photograph here on and was definitely the one that received the most Facebook love with 16 likes! Part of all the response that this photograph recieved was due to the fact that the blog was still going through the discovery phase and people are typically more active during that period of time.

However, this photograph was also selected as the winner of my office photo competition which means it will be published in the 2012 calendar at my work!

Now, on to today’s shot…

When I was going through my archives the other day I noticed that I’d actually taken dozens of photographs while this butterfly filled his addiction to nectar. Many of these shots I didn’t even remember processing and I finally came across this particular capture and noticed how in focus the body of the butterfly was and how much more detail was present compared to the original shot I’d processed all those months ago.

I just couldn’t pass up sharing this photo with you and I’m hoping that you’d be willing to give it a ‘like’ while you’re here, or even, go one step further and show it to your friends by sharing this link on Facebook/Twitter/G+!

We can make this yellow butterfly photograph the new top shot on! But I need your help – Simply Click on the Buttons at the top of this post 😉

Yellow Butterfly Revisited

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Camera: Nikon D3100
Lens: Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5

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