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The Yellow Butterfly

* EDIT – This photograph was selected as one of the top twelve of over 200 photos in my office’s photography competition to be placed on their upcoming 2012 calendar! *

While I was getting my yard back together over the weekend I noticed how amazingly colorful it had become. After that week’s worth of clouds and rain this past week of 70’s and sun caused everything to bloom all at once. So while I was out there cleaning up various flower beds I made a mental note to take my zoom lens out sometime this week and see what I could capture.

At first I started slow, took some close ups of flowers, caught a couple wide angle shots of all my flowers, but nothing really resonated with me.

Then, I looked up into a bush filled with pink flowers, I saw it fluttering around sucking on sweet nectar… I knew it’d be the next photograph I shared with you.

Hope you enjoy this shot, personally I think it’s one of my best captured shots.

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Camera: Nikon D3100
Lens: Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5

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15 Responses to “The Yellow Butterfly”

  1. beautiful!!!!

  2. This is a great photo! This one will be a winner for sure!

  3. That’s amazing! Nice shot!

  4. Thanks to both of you I really liked this one a lot myself! :)

  5. Great shot! Recommend the 105mm Nikon if you can afford it. I absolutely love that lens! I have a few macros back at my site ( you care to look. Keep up the photoblogging!

    • Oh I know. I’m just starting out in photography and have my eye set on so many different lenses, but mortgage payments and food to eat are my first priorities lol. Lenses are so expensive, but I play to slowly build my collection over time!

  6. Lovely shot shot great DOF and framed perfectly look forward to seenig more


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