Through the Window

Well now, here we are climbing over that hump again and I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get through the rest of this week. It seems like I haven’t been able to photograph anything in weeks and this weekend I am making plans to get back out to the field – and can not wait!

How long do you go between photographic outings before you start to crave the sound of the shutter? For me it’s about two weeks and I start photographing the empty walls of my house!

Daily Photo – Through the Window

This photograph was actually 100% a test shot. I don’t think I even brought the camera to my eye, I just held it up and fired to make sure things were working right. I know I wasn’t planning on using this shot, in fact I came pretty close to deleting it in camera before I even got home, and then again, when I got home and brought it to Lightroom.

More then a month after I took this shot however, it stuck out to me as an interesting perspective of the beach house I visited in Scituate MA over the summer. I know I showed you some shots of the old fence post that now lies in ruins, and a different angle of this house from the beach itself, but this photograph really gives you the picture of how close these houses sit to the ocean.

As always I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here at Phogropathy and I hope you’ll be back again soon!

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