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Trap Falls

Happy Hump Day everyone!

So I’ve found something of a niche style that I want to work into my overall photography – Waterfalls. There are thousands of them and they come in all shapes and sizes. I’m going to try to find and photograph as many of these natural wonders as I can in the coming weeks so that I can do at least one waterfall photograph a week. Unfortunately I’m a little busy right now so I don’t expect another waterfall in a few weeks, but I’ve got a couple other shots of Trap Falls I am considering sharing.

To help me find and photograph the falls in the New England area I’ve bought and absolutely love the book New England Waterfalls: A Guide to More Than 400 Cascades and Waterfalls by Greg Parsons and Kate Watson. It’s a highly recommended guide if you have any desire to find these natural wonders for yourself and live in or are visiting the New England area.

With that being said – It’s time for you to see one of the first shots taken with my new camera/lens combination – Enjoy!

Today’s Photo – Trap Falls

Trap Falls is located in Ashby MA and is one of the many amazing falls in New England featured in this book. The brook that feeds Trap Falls breaks apart into three separate shoots just at this rock face creating a picturesque setting of three falls side by side. I could see this being a trip I’ll make more than once at various seasons throughout the year as each season will offer a very different look.

Trap Falls is an extremely easy waterfall to get to with only a short flat wooded trail leading to the waterfall. There’s a nice wooden bridge to view the fall from and it’s only about an hours drive from Boston! The only downsides to Trap Falls is there isn’t much else to do in the area and there’s no swimming hole, and the falls are fairly small only about 10-15ft, but there are a few picnic tables and some areas to grill if you want to make it a little day trip with the family.

Anyways, hope you like this shot! Consider sharing it on Facebook or Twitter for me :).

Trap Falls Ashby MA

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Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: Tokina 11-16mm Wide Angle
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5

14 Responses to “Trap Falls”

  1. Love this shot with that awesome water, so smooth. Excellent colors on those rocks as well. Sweet!

  2. Beautiful shot!! I too love shooting waterfalls but there is a severe lack of them in/around Naples, Italy. Love the smooth water movement and glass surface at the bottom. Wonderful work my friend. looking forward to more waterfall shots in the coming future!!

  3. THAT IS AMAZING!!!! guess that new camera was worth it!

  4. This is great man! Hope your liking that D7000. If this is any indication, I’m sure we will!

  5. Great picture here today John. Congrats on the D7000 as well, that’s a really great camera!

  6. Beautiful! Nice colors and the water looks so crisp and clean.

  7. Great composition with silky smooth water.

  8. This is an excellent long exposure with the right amount of water blur. You still get the idea it’s water and not silk curtains.


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