Tree Over the River Black and White

Welcome to the weekend everyone! Would anyone be interested in seeing a screen capture of my editing workflow? Would you want something detailed or an overview? I’m working on another video for my youtube channel and was wondering if this would be something ¬†you’d like to see.

Daily Photo – Tree Over the River Black and White

I enjoying dedicating a day to black and white photography. While I’m a fan of vivid colors and seeing the world as I see it, a good black and white conversion certainly can add that artistic feel to a scene.

I did really like the color version of this shot, but wanted to see how a black and white conversion would look so I choose it for this week’s post. I was pleasantly surprised with the result and I hope you are as well.

So… which one do you like better?

3 Responses to “Tree Over the River Black and White”

  1. Both are excellent, I favor the color perhaps enjoying the warm colors in mid winter. I really liked your video (posted on dps) and the methodology behind it.


  2. Penny Sue Austin February 1, 2012 at 12:07 am

    The black and white is much more dramatic, in my humble opinion. I like it very much.

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