Turning A Blah Image Around Inside Lightroom 5

There’s a lot of people out there who will tell you that if you don’t get a shot correct in camera that you’re doing it wrong by trying to turn it around in post production. Others go so far as to tell you to put the camera down all together, trust me I’ve seen it. I say that if you’re learning there’s no better way to do so than by trying to save an image you misfired on.



By performing these kinds of manipulations in post production you’re learning a great deal about what a well composed photograph should look like, you’re seeing how different light and temperature levels will effect your photographs, and you’re learning what the capabilities of your post production software are. While I do agree that these lessons should be transferred to the field at some point – i.e. don’t rely on post production to fix your problems forever – these kinds of exercises are invaluable to the learning photographer.

Turning a Blah Image Around Inside Lightroom 5

Today’s Let’s Edit focuses on how with a simple crop, and some adjustments in Lightroom 5, we can take a blah, boring image, with poor composition, and turn it around. Towards the end of the video I take it a step further by using the HDRSoft 32-bit HDR for Lightroom plugin to blend a set of three brackets together in order to really bring out some details in the shadows and highlights.

As always, enjoy the video!

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