Waterfall Wednesday – March Cataract Falls

Hey there everyone happy hump day!

What do you think of the new iPhone 4S that was announced yesterday? I know it’s not the redesign that we were all hoping for, but I kind of want one simply for that amazing looking camera – not to mention that my 3GS is getting kind of old and is in need of an upgrade.

Weekly Waterfall Photo – March Cataract Falls

After hours of hiking and many, many miles of driving March Cataract Falls was the final sight on my epic two day journey to four falls out in western MA.

This was definitely one of the more spectacular waterfalls, the way it just seems to come from no where over that rock face is stunning. It’s not the easiest hike to get to and definitely worth bringing a snack for when you get to the sight as there’s just not much to do there other than bask in it’s glory.

I hope you like this photograph and as always thank you for stopping by!

March Cataract

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  1. says

    Nice addition to your collection man. Worthy.

    As far as the 4S goes, I’m an Android fanboi. I will admit though I was interested to see what they would come out with. I like the hardware but to me if it’s locked down tight I can’t do the things I like to with it. Much is said about the UI as well. It looks nice but usability again is an issue to me.

    Personally, I’m waiting for the full spec list on the Nexus Prime.

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