What if we Lived in a Colorless World?

I came up with the title of today’s photograph while watching a show called Through the Wormhole. Do you watch it?

I get so sucked into these kinds of shows and how science in general has the ability to create so many different theories about the same subject. Or even just the fact that there are people out there whose job it is to theorize and answer questions like the one which titles this photograph.

I know, it doesn’t have much to do with photography, but I just can’t help myself.

Daily Photo – What if we Lived in a Colorless World?

a colorless fog filled morning

This photograph was taken on the top of Lookout Rock a few weeks ago at sunrise. I can’t wait for sunrise to get closer to this side of six in the morning as it’s just too hard for me to get up and out to a location in time for these 5:20 sunrises we get here in the dead of summer.

Have a great day everyone – I hope you’ll be back here again tomorrow!

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