Why the iPhone 4S Camera Has Replaced My Urge to Buy A Point and Shoot

As many of you know by now I was one of the 4 million plus people who purchased the newest Apple iPhone on release weekend. After owning the iPhone 3GS for more than 2 years it was definitely time for the upgrade and I am so unbelievably happy with the result.

Being that I’ve gone completely head first into photography in the last six months I’ve really wanted to get a decent point and shoot camera to compliment the DSLR camera that I currently use. I wanted something I could have a little fun with, something small for parties, or traveling. I wanted something to ease myself into street photography and felt that a point and shoot was the answer.

However, I never went ahead with the purchase. Sure I looked at various models at Best Buy from time to time, but could never close the deal. Then, the iPhone 4S comes along and changes everything!

The new 8mp camera that they stuffed into this phone is remarkable. Sure a high end point and shoot or even possibly upper midrange will probably out do it in image quality. Many of those cameras will have more manual settings to offer than the iPhone and typically will have better ISO control as well. The iPhone 4S camera however, does boost some pretty awesome quality for a simple point and shoot phone, not to mention you get all the awesome apps to customize the shots you take right there on the go.

Reasons the iPhone 4S Replaces my Point and Shoot Urge

  • It’s always with me – I’m almost never without my phone and thus my new camera
  • Image quality is stellar – For what it is the quality of the pictures are amazing
  • Apps for editing right on the phone – Apps like Snapseed, 100 cameras in 1, Camera+ and many many more make editing on the iPhone almost as fun as taking the photos!
  • Easily send to Flickr, Facebook and twitter – Just link your phone with various social networks and you’re sending the photos out to the world!
I’m sure there are even more reasons why you might want to consider this iPhone camera as a kill two birds with one stone kind of option. I’m not saying that if you’re in the market for a point and shoot and only a point and shoot to go out and buy an iPhone – you’re forgetting there’s a 80/month minimum fee for owning an iPhone which makes your Point and Shoot camera a very expensive investment, but if you’re looking for a new smart phone and a great point and shoot style camera, take a look in Apple’s direction, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Have you thought about buying replacing a point and shoot with a camera phone? Or maybe you’re doing it already! Discuss your thoughts on this revolution in the way we photograph below!

Anyways, I wanted to leave you with a few of my early (unedited) shots from the iPhone 4S camera. You can visit my iPhone 4S set on Flickr to see some of the edited photos!

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  1. Phyllis says

    I have an Iphone 4 (not the 4S). I take photos with it, too, at times, & it captures great pics. Just wondering what improvement the Iphone 5 camera will have if any.

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