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In the United States, the Hot News Doctrine protects the importance of news. A news story’s commercial value is closely related to the time that it is published. After a specific amount of time, it becomes obsolete and unimportant. The doctrine also protects live events televised worldwide. When news is published without permission, it loses its commercial value. The law protects authors, producers, and broadcasters from infringement of copyright.

The Supreme Court first recognized the concept of hot news as a tort in 1918. The International News Service, a news organization, had stolen war reports from the Associated Press (AP). In order to get around copyright laws prohibiting the unauthorized use of news, the International News Service was allowed to bribe its employees to steal the stories. The court ruled that AP’s behavior was not a violation of the law because it was not a violation of the copyright laws. The Hot News Doctrine extends to radio broadcasts as well.