HotNews – A Valuable Resource For SAP ERP Professionals


The HotNews website is a free monthly newsletter with articles and information on various products and industry events. Users can customize their subscriptions to receive specific topics and email updates that they find interesting. They can also customize the number of notifications they want to receive. The content is constantly updated, so subscribers will never miss an important update. They can subscribe to as many topics as they want, including their own niche interests. To subscribe to HotNews, visit MY AUGI and choose HotNews as a subscription option.

You can customize your subscription to HotNews to only receive information that pertains to SAP. For instance, you can subscribe to SAP TopNotes, which are notes about a module that are particularly useful for considering new features or post-implementation steps. You can also subscribe to receive updates on specific SAP products and software. With all these features, HotNews has become an important resource for SAP professionals. Its free service makes it easy to keep up with the latest news about the SAP industry.

SAP’s HotNews newsletter includes relevant news and product updates, and it provides useful filtering options. You can also subscribe to a specific category to receive updates on the newest product releases. Depending on what kind of information you’re looking for, HotNews can guide you through the upgrade process. HotNews also has a useful email subscription feature, so you can receive news on a regular basis. You can even receive notifications of important updates and technical fixes through the newsletter.

Whether you’re an SAP ERP user or not, HotNews is an excellent resource for keeping up with industry news. It offers a comprehensive overview of SAP applications, allowing you to customize your subscription. The HotNews service is free and customizable, so you’re sure to find something that interests you. If you’re an IT professional, HotNews is a valuable resource and won’t let you miss an important news piece.

While HotNews has some niche topics, its main focus is on politics, finance, and current affairs. The site offers news, opinion pieces, video articles, and podcasts in both Romanian and Russian. You can also read about Brexit on the Romanian section of HotNews. HotNews’ content is updated daily. You can also subscribe to HotNews in Russian. It’s also available in English, and you can read it in both languages.

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